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About Us

TRC is made up of six divisions, with a Mayor and Councillors elected every four years. We are focussed on sustainable growth of the Tablelands, providing services that meet community needs while preserving the unique cultural, social and environmental values that make living in this region ideal. 

Our vision

The Tablelands is a region where we prosper and enjoy an enviable lifestyle within a pristine environment, realising our full potential in smart, connected rural communities. 

To achieve this we will:

  • Take note of our operational boundaries, but we will push the limits and explore all options

  • Do the best we can with available resources, but we will seek to expand the resources available beyond rates, fees and charges

  • Apply smart social, digital and organisational technologies that achieve more

  • Look beyond our region, be a player in the broader context and bring the best options back home

  • Work with integrity and honesty for the communities we serve

  • Apply biodiversity strategies that preserve our natural environment

Our engagement approach

We know that better outcomes are achieved through a whole of community approach. Tablelands Regional Council is committed to meaningful and inclusive community engagement that balances the needs and expectations of our communities and helps deliver high quality, accessible and relevant services across the region. Our engagement principles include:

  • Council will engage with its community in ways that are timely, open to all, easily understood and not overly bureaucratic or resource intensive

  • The community has the right to be well informed on issues and receive feedback from  Council on how its input has been used to inform Council decisions

  • Council’s goal is one of inclusive involvement. All voices matter, all opinions are valued and considered

  • Engagement focuses on the best interests of the community, rather than of any individual person or group

  • Information is accurate, easy to understand, appealing and accessible

  • Decision-making is transparent

  • Flexible and interactive engagement methods are used

  • Engagement is cost effective

  • Council is committed to the development of innovative engagement approaches, learning from each engagement experience, and using learnings to improve our approaches to engagement

  • Council engages with its community not only to learn about and respond to present needs, but also to gain a better understanding of our communities’ perspective on emerging issues that may affect our preferred future