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What makes a great community facility?

Describe what makes a great community facility.

Published On
 Fri, 26 Apr 2019
  • You can judge a good facility by how much it is used by the community. We have some very old facilities that may not be the perfect, ideal, modern facility you might envision, but they are incredibly important to the small communities they are in.

    The Herberton Shire Hall is a great example of an old, cold, draughty rabbit warren of a structure, but the local community ADORE this building which you can tell by how much it is used. It is important for council to recognise the importance of this building (and many others) to the community, in fact I'm sure TRC does, and I think they just need to be maintained in their original condition as best you can and improve the facility by adding useful items without changing its heritage value. Also make it easy for the community to use it - just a suggestion but eg maybe Herbertonites don't want to ask Athertonites whether they can use their own hall. Maybe it could be booked somewhere in Herberton eg library or visitor centre.

    The Visitor Centres are a great example of an underused facility. I think they could be used as a community hub for TRC. I think council will always battle the perception that Atherton take everything (whether true or not) and I think that having a TRC service centre in every town is important and would help TRC have a face in every town and be seen to care about their whole community, not just Atherton. The libraries do take rates etc now, but I think the visitor centres could do this much more effectively, you don't have to be quiet in there and it would possibly help them get volunteers. I think there are many things the visitor centres could be doing as the face of TRC, I think this survey is an example because older people want to have their say but they want to fill in a piece of paper.

    Thanks for reading! :)


    Commented on:
     Sat, 01 Jun 2019
  • Community facilities need to be able to be utilized during all weather. Having a solid structure roof on playgrounds on the Tablelands is a must, especially the more frequently wet places, paths that lead to areas so they can be accessed by wheelchairs, elderly, prams. Clean tables and shelters. Updated facilities that don't leak when it rains like the yungaburra rec place does and full of rodents because there are gaps in the concrete near the walls etc.... Council to ensure parks run by lions clubs etc to be maintained and clean not just palming off the responsibility when it's council land. Thinking about locals and tourists. A great park if big enough would have open land to play cricket, kick the ball, run, a covered play area and a fenced dog park. Facilities such as dump points for rv tourists, in tourist friendly towns so towns such as Millaa are not disadvantaged and ignored by travelers due to the lack of dump point in town. Bike parks to be maintained, it rains, kids use them they need maintenance or otherwise they become useless. Toilets with soap, cleaner, brighter places, around the Tablelands they are all dingy dark places, quite uncomfortable to take kids into. Clear toilet paper dispensers so you can see there are no snakes or nasties hiding in there. Community facilities need to be well signed, in council website with clear Information, a number to call if there's an issue. Everyone assumes that people know or should know but they don't always. Better information areas. Millaa for example is a small little map badly signed small concrete standing area with a tiny shelter so people get saturated, despite there being 2 council buildings that could permanently hold a bigger map on the outside, with more information, could be better signed and has better shelter so people don't get wet trying to find out where to go as Millaa falls is not really signed well enough. 

    Commented on:
     Sat, 25 May 2019
  • a great community facility is one that can be used for multiple purposes and is supported by both the community and local government. 

    Commented on:
     Wed, 15 May 2019
  • A great community facility is flexible enough for multipurpose use. It should be able to handle a big crowd in one large space, with dividing movable walls to break into smaller spaces. There should be a kitchen , and individual storage spaces for regular groups to store their equipment/materials. It should be designed to permit flexibility and diversity of uses. Outdoor components should include decking or courtyard with additional gathering spaces. Wheelchair accessibility would be incorporated.the design should appeal to youth as well as adult organisations
    Commented on:
     Tue, 14 May 2019
  • Open room for multipurpose activities and some storage for community groups. 

    Commented on:
     Mon, 13 May 2019