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Mary Street Upgrade

Latest News

  • Work to commence

    Construction on the Mary Street upgrade will be conducted between 1 April and mid-May, weather dependent. We are working to minimise disruption to residents and road users. During the upgrade, traffic in the Mary Street area will be affected by traffic control including partial and total road closures, and detours. Please adhere to all signs and instructions from our staff and traffic controllers.

  • Tree survey closed

    Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on replacement trees as part of the Mary Street upgrade. We received 97 survey responses, with Tulip Wood the preferred replacement tree species. 

    We have also received some great suggestions for how the Camphor Laurel trees can be repurposed, reused and recognised which we will investigate further. Suggestions include:

    • Donate to Men’s Shed, high school, Eacham Historical Society or local wood workers

    • Make into seating, benches, furniture, artwork, signage or trophies

    • Auction slabs

    • Mulch

     Once we know how much timber from the stumps we have to work with, we'll let you know what we'll be doing with it.

  • 11 January 2019 update

    Following the onsite visit with arborist Chris Keatley on 9 January, and a full risk assessment including the potential retention of all or some of the existing Camphor Laurel trees,  the decision has been made today to remove and replace the existing trees.

    This decision has not been made lightly and follows a thorough review of all considerations, including strong feedback from some community members seeking to retain the existing trees. Since September we have been very open, transparent and responsible in relation to this project. We have listened to and considered the various views and opinions within the community, as well as the information provided regarding potential rehabilitation options for the existing trees.

    In coming to the final decision, we have considered many factors, including (not an exhaustive list) the condition and public safety risk posed by the existing trees, their unsuitability as part of a busy urban transport route, the potential to rehabilitate some of the trees in their current setting, community views and opinion – both for and against retaining the existing trees, the historic, cultural and social value of the trees, the intended objectives of the upgrade project, and the current and future cost of managing and maintaining community assets (both trees and infrastructure).

    Whilst this decision is not the outcome that some residents have been seeking, this is a balanced and responsible decision that considers all the relevant factors.

    The project plans are currently being updated to incorporate further design and landscaping changes based on community feedback and will be available on our website when completed.

    This is a significant project to improve the street amenity and functionality of Mary Street to meet current and future needs, and we remain committed to creating a tree lined street scape and delivering all stated project outcomes.

    We encourage the community to continue to share your views with us through the survey on the replacement tree species to be planted on Mary Street, as well as the Malanda Town Centre Master Plan that will commence in coming months.

    The trees will be lopped in the week commencing 14 January (subject to weather),  and the stumps removed when roadworks commence (approx. April).  We will retain and preserve parts of the existing trees for repurposing based on community feedback.

  • December 2018 update

    Malanda is a growing community. School enrolments have increased substantially in recent times, the town centre is bustling and the showground is hosting more events than ever.

    As a Council, we need to plan for and support Malanda’s growth, and meet the additional pressure on services and facilities in the town centre.

    One of the priority issues is the increased need for parking, especially for long vehicles and cars transporting people with impaired mobility.

    In consultation with Malanda community representatives, we investigated other benefits the project could bring to the town centre. We identified the need to improve pedestrian and cyclists’ safety, especially around the primary school, as a key priority.